Ladies Shoes Are Now Being Shipped!

We're ahead of schedule on ladies shoes now too. Orders for ladies shoes should now ship quickly and arrive at customer's doors ~2 weeks after placing an order! Everyone who placed an order for a ladies shoes before today should have theirs in approximately 2 weeks as well!

We started receiving feedback/comments from our men's orders too and the feedback has been tremendously positive so far! If you already received your Zebas, please take a moment and leave a user review on the product page (Click into the style you bought and scroll all the way to the bottom and click leave a review!). Take a look at some of the comments left by customers here.

Here are just a few of the reviews left on (You can see these on the product pages too!):

Can't wait to hear what everyone thinks once they receive their orders! Tell us on our Facebook page and leave a review on! We love hearing feedback!

Zeba TestimonialsThese are all for men's sneakers, but in a few weeks we should have a bunch of reviews up from our female customers too! We've shipped out over 500 sneakers so far and while not everyone has left a review on, we've received countless emails and messages on Facebook telling us that they love their Zebas!


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