FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q) When Will I get my Order?

Orders for in stock styles for our U.S. customers usually ship out the next business day with Fedex and arrive in just 4-5 days. You'll receive a Fedex tracking number in your email from us with an estimated delivery date as soon as we ship your order out. We ship internationally with shipments to the UK, France, Germany, and Japan arriving in ~4-5 days via Fedex (free shipping). Our free shipping to Canada can take a bit longer but we offer an expedited option at checkout. Our international shipping to other countries can take upwards of 30 days or so.

Q) Do you have any styles that are Slip Resistant?

Yes! For men our Jet Black style is slip resistant. For ladies our Sapphire Blue and Cherry Red are slip resistant.

Q) Do you ship to P.O Boxes?

We use Fedex to ship all of our U.S. orders which cannot deliver to P.O Boxes. If you use a P.O Box as a shipping address your package your order can take up to 3-4 weeks for delivery. If you can, give us a non P.O Box address and we'll get your order to you much quicker (4-5 days for U.S. customers!)

Q) How are Zebas for walking? Standing all day?

Zebas are designed for maximum comfort whether you're out walking, on your feet all day, or even when you're in the gym. They're designed to looks and feel like a regular pair of well tied comfortable sneakers! We've had nurses on their feet for 16 hours at a time tell us they LOVE their Zebas and those who regularly walk 7-8 miles a day tell us they're great for walking. 

Q) What's the arch support like?

Zeba Shoes feature the same amount of arch support as you'd expect from a typical sneaker, so not too much, but if you need more arch support our insoles are removable so you can always take ours out and use your own.

Q) Can I buy your socks separately?

Soon! Currently our socks are available as an add-on purchase with shoes. The reason for this is we can include it in the same box and ship it together, which allows us to offer our best possible price. We plan on selling our socks by themselves later in 2021.

Q) How long has Zeba been in business?

We've been in business since 2014. We filed our patent for our unique shoe concept back in 2015 and have been working non-stop on perfecting the functionality and comfort. We began taking orders in August, 2019 after we've tested them extensively and are super happy with them! We wanted to wait until we've perfected Zebas before taking orders and we're finally there! Since August, 2019 we've already shipped over 50,000 shoes! Check out customer feedback under our product pages or on our testimonials page. We also have a physical store in Fair Lawn, NJ, our address there is:

14-08 River Road, Fair Lawn, NJ, 07410 (closed for walk ins during Corona for now)

Q) Do these feel like regular shoes / sneakers?

Yes! Zeba Shoes were designed to look and feel like any other sneaker. We've extensively tested them and they feel like a normal pair of sneakers, except with the added functionality of never having to bend down to put them on.

Q) Come on. With the back folding down like that it must feel different!

Everyone who sees them thinks so at first, but once you put them on it feels like any other sneaker. In fact, we've engineered Zebas for maximum comfort. We think you'll find them much more comfortable than your old sneakers.

Q) Do I have to bend down and tie them? Why are there laces?

You only need to tie them once to your liking and that's it. Double knot to keep them nice and tight and you won't have to bend down again. You'll be able to put them on and take them off without bending down. Zebas won't ever come off on their own, you need to make a conscious effort to take them off (it can be done hands free!)

Q) Will these sneakers last? Will the back give out after repeated use?

The mechanism on the back of the heel is made with stainless steel and is designed for regular use every day. Zeba shoes were designed from the ground up for supreme comfort and durability. They should last as long as any other pair of quality sneakers.

Q) Do you offer a warranty?

Yes. We offer a 30-day warranty from the day you receive your Zeba product for exchanges / refunds. We’re based in New Jersey, so returns can be sent to our location there! Check out our refund / return policy here.

Q) Why are they so expensive?

We wanted to make the highest quality shoes possible and given that this is a new technology, our manufacturing process is totally different than a regular sneaker. The easy on functionality works because there's a stainless steel spring in the insole of the shoe and on the back of the heel. This increases our manufacturing costs significantly, which is why they're more expensive than a typical sneaker. We did our best to keep our costs low while maximizing quality and if you give us a chance, you're going to love your Zebas.

Q) What about wide widths? Do you offer wide Sizes?

Yes, we do! The majority of our styles come in medium width at the moment, but we have 3 styles in extra wide widths. For ladies our Peppermint style is available only in Extra Wide and our Rose Gray and Black Ember are available in both medium and extra wide. For Men our Beige style is only in Extra Wide and our Steel Navy and Steel Onyx are available in both medium and extra wide. We're working on having more of our styles in extra wide in the future.

Q) How does your sizing work?

We use standard U.S. industry wide sizing. If you wear a size 11.5 on a big brand sneaker in the U.S / CA, our size 11.5 should fit you perfectly. We have a handy conversion chart on all of our product pages for our international customers as well. If you aren't sure about your size, we recommend ordering the size that fits you best with Nike for our ladies styles and New Balance for men's as our sizing is very similar to theirs.

Q) How is this possible? Why haven't the big shoe companies done this?

It's clear that other shoe companies are trying to solve this problem with self tying shoes and other approaches, but we think we've found the most elegant solution. This was a remarkable journey for us and we’ve gone through countless different iterations before finally settling on this particular mechanism. The beauty of this design is that Zeba shoes feel just like any other sneaker! We have a patent pending in the U.S. and have already been granted a patent in Europe on our innovative “Collapsible Shoe Heel” mechanism.

Q) Why don't you offer more size options or widths?

We're working on it! We spent most of our time perfecting the functionality and comfort of Zebas, so our designs and size options are a bit limited at the moment. At the moment most of our styles are available only in medium, but we do have a few styles in extra wide for both men and women. We have one style that goes up to size 14, which is our Steel Navy. Our Steel Onyx style goes all the way up to size 15.

Ladies styles available in extra wide: Peppermint, Rose Gray, and Black Ember.

Men's styles available in extra wide: Beige, Steel Navy, and Steel Onyx.

Q) Do you ship to Canada? UK? Elsewhere?

Yes! We ship worldwide. While our biggest markets are the USA, Canada, and UK, we ship world-wide. Shipping is always free. Orders are typically delivered to customer's doors ~2 weeks after placing an order for orders OUTSIDE the U.S. Orders in the U.S. are shipped via Fedex and typically arrive in just 5 days.

Q) Are they Machine Washable?

We don't recommend you machine wash them as we didn't design them to be machine washable. Zebas can easily be cleaned with baby wipes.

Q) What keeps the tongue of the shoe up? Wouldn't it slide in?

We specially designed the tongue of the shoe so it's held up from underneath. When you slip your Zeba shoes on the tongue will remain in the upright position every time!

Q) How much do they weigh?

Zebas weigh a bit more than traditional sneakers, but most customers won't notice the difference, but for those that need lighter shoes, it's important to know that they do weigh a bit more. Weight will vary by style (men's sizes will weigh more).

Q) What materials do you use? What are Zebas made with?

Zeba sneakers are manufactured without any animal products! Our uppers are made of Polyester or artificial leather and our outersoles are made of rubber. Our sandals are made with genuine leather.

Q) Do you offer any discount codes / promotion codes?

No. We believe in fair and transparent pricing. The price on our website is always our best price available. We don't even have a promo code / coupon system in place and never have.

Q) Where are Zebas manufactured?

Our manufacturing facility is in China at the moment and we ship from there via Fedex (arrives in ~5 days). But we'd like to provide some context on why. (Returns don't need to be sent to China. They are sent to our New Jersey location)

The journey to create Zebas started in 2013. We filed our patent in 2015 and spent the last 4 years perfecting the product and getting it ready. We didn't want to take orders until we LOVED our product and tested it to work and we're finally ready (Started taking orders on August 2). We spoke with over a dozen manufacturers across the world (Including in the U.S.). Since we're a relatively small company, the U.S. factories we spoke to didn't want to make this custom product because most shoe factories want to make regular shoes and that's it. Zebas are unlike other shoes and need to be manufactured differently, something that most of the people we spoke with simply didn't want to do unless we were willing to place an enormous order. Both my co-founder and I are U.S. citizens and live in the U.S. and our first choice was to manufacture here, but that simply wasn't possible for us (yet). We're always open to new manufacturing partners and to this day are scheduling meetings to see if we can eventually get them made here, but for now it's done in China and we're very pleased with our current manufacturing partners. We spared no expense in manufacturing Zebas and the quality really shows. 

Q) Where can I buy them? Are you available in any physical retailers / retail stores?

We currently sell exclusively on our website at ZebaShoes.com and our retail location in Fair Lawn, NJ. We'd like to have more retail locations in the future, but for now we'll be available exclusively on our own store online. Selling directly means we'll be able to offer our customers the best possible pricing we can. We're also having trouble keeping our own inventory in stock, so we won't be expanding to other retailers for some time.

Have any other questions or concerns? Contact us! You can also ask us a question on our Facebook page, we read every comment and message!