About Us

Zeba is a U.S. based footwear company located in Paramus, New Jersey. We started this business in 2015 with the goal of creating the world's most comfortable shoes using innovative new designs. Our signature Zeba sneakers use our patent pending "collapsible shoe heel" technology which allows users to put their shoes on effortlessly. We actually filed our patent in 2015 and spent 4 years perfecting our functionality and comfort and only began taking orders in August, 2019. We didn't want to begin taking orders until we absolutely loved our product and we absolutely love our Zebas now. Our customers do too - check out our testimonials page (highlights from user reviews left on product pages).

We'd like to see this technology in every piece of footwear in the future! We're actively working on using this same technology to create other kinds of footwear like dress shoes, sandals, and more. We're also developing diabetic shoes using our technology.

We'd LOVE to hear from you. Tell us what you think on our Facebook page! We read every comment!

We have a physical store in Fair Lawn, NJ:

14-08 River Road, Fair Lawn, NJ, 07410

(Due to the Coronavirus our physical store is closed until further notice. We're still shipping orders online though! We can arrange for in store pickups or the option to try them in person if you're in the area and call us before hand to make an appointment)

Our shoes are carried by the following stores:

  • Tip Top Shoes in New York City
  • Hawley Lane Shoes in Connecticut
  • Fritzy Feet in Denver, CO
  • Mondo Uomo in Naples, FL

We primarily sell through our website at ZebaShoes.com. We've had a ton of retailers asking to carry our shoes, but the problem if we can't even keep our own website stocked as our popular sizes/styles frequently sell out, so we aren't looking to expand in physical retail until we can produce a lot more shoes. Physical retail is important to us though because once people try them on in person they instantly fall in love!

Our Team

Michael Zahabian (Founder)

Michael is a lifelong entrepreneur and inventor who has been running his own businesses ever since he graduated college in the U.S. He ran his jewelry retail and wholesale business up until 2009 and has since developed real estate, invented other products, and founded Zeba Designs LLC. Michael is the genius behind Zeba and has been solely responsible for product development and is the inventor of the technology behind Zeba - the "Collapsible Shoe Heel". He lives in Paramus, New Jersey.

Omer Altay (Partner)

Omer Altay

Omer has been creating web businesses ever since he was 17. He's launched several successful websites, a real estate business, and more. He's responsible for Zeba's web presence.

Contact: contact@zebashoes.com

ZebaShoes has also been featured on NewsWatchTV!