Sizing Guide

Our men's sizing runs true to size and is very similar to other big U.S. brands. We recommend ordering the same size you normally wear with other big U.S. brands for a good fit with us!

Our women's sizing runs half a size smaller so women's sizes should be upsized by half a size for a good fit with us!

Zeba Shoes come in industry standard U.S. sizes. For our international customers, make sure to convert your size to U.S. size before ordering. Most of our styles are available in medium width, but we do have a few styles available in extra wide.

For men our Beige, Steel OnyxSteel Navy, and Jet Black styles are available in extra wide (4E).

For ladies our PeppermintRose GrayBlack EmberCherry Red, and Sapphire Blue styles are available in extra wide (2E).

Most of our styles only go up to size 13 or 14 for men, but our Steel Onyx, Steel Navy, Cosmic Black, and Brown for men go up to size 15. Our men's Jet Black style is available all the way up to size 16.

International customers should use the sizing chart below to convert their size to U.S. sizing before ordering:

Men's Sizing Conversions:

Zeba Men's Size Chart

Women's Sizing Conversions:

Zeba Women's Size Chart

'Medium' for men is 'D' width.

'Extra Wide' for men is a '4E width'

'Medium' for women is 'B' width

'Extra Wide' for women is a '2E width'

If you're unsure about what size to order, simply reach out to us at or use our contact form and we'll do our best to help!