Over 14,000 Orders Shipped and We've Upgraded our Shipping

We've shipped over 14,000 Zeba Shoes so far and we continue to receive fantastic feedback from our customers. Whether it's on Facebook, email, or through a user review posted on our website, customers are telling us how much they love their Zebas. We absolutely love hearing from our customers! It makes us so happy to hear Zeba Shoes have such a positive impact on people's lives!

Zeba Shoes Review

What Else is New?

We're using Fedex now for all of our U.S. orders!

We started using Fedex to fulfill all of our U.S. orders and we're pleased with the results so far. Average shipping times from shipment to delivery are now about 6-7 days vs ~14 days before with our old shipping method. The Fedex tracking system is also much better and updates more frequently. Keep in mind though, Fedex cannot deliver to PO Boxes, so if you use a PO box as a shipping address, Fedex will hold your order at the nearest Fedex location for pickup.

We'll be adding our first "Narrow" width soon

Our ladies Rose Gray style will be available in narrow width soon. We've already ordered the new width and are waiting for delivery from our manufacturing partner. We expect to have it in stock sometime in late March.

Our Cosmic Black will be available in Extra Wide Next

Our Cosmic Black style will be our next style available in extra wide. It'll take us a bit to have it in stock, but I expect we'll have our men's Cosmic Black available in extra wide (4E) in May.


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