Over 70,000 Sales and New Las Vegas, Nevada Store

It's been a busy year for us over at Zeba Shoes and we've hit a new awesome milestone of over 70,000 orders shipped earlier this month. Our brand new store in Las Vegas, NV is almost open as well.

The Zeba Shoes store address is:

3843 Spring Mountain Road Las Vegas NV 89102

We're already accepting returns at this location and currently in the process of setting up our displays and getting inventory at this location. We're very close to the world famous Las Vegas Strip (just a few minutes away)! We'll be posting pictures here soon as well.

We're also slowly expanding our retail footprint with new retail partners as well. Partnering with other retailers is super important for us as we know a lot of customers want to try shoes on in person before buying them, especially a totally new kind of shoe.

Our shoes are carried by the following stores:

  • Tip Top Shoes in New York City
  • Hawley Lane Shoes in Connecticut
  • Fritzy Feet in Denver, CO
  • Mondo Uomo in Naples, FL

We expect to add more retail partners in 2021 so keep an eye on about us section for an updated version of this list.

As always, I'd like to end this post with a big thank you to our customers for their continued support. Thank you so much for your continued support and thank you so much for helping us spread the word!!

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