Over 9,000 Orders Shipped and an Update on New Sizes and Styles

We've now shipped over 9,000 orders and have continued to receive tremendously positive feedback from our customers. We would have likely shipped quite a few more orders this holiday season, but many of our popular sizes and styles ran out of stock early in November. Most of those sizes and styles have since come back in stock just recently though and we've begun shipping them out again. As we continue to ship out Zeba shoes we're continuously blown away by the heartwarming feedback we've been getting from our customers.

Zeba Review Debbie

We love seeing responses like this and it really motivates us to continue working hard. Some people may find it hard to believe, but at our $129.99 price point, we aim to break even on new customers and make some profit on repeat business. Our goal was to make them as affordable as possible without sacrificing quality. Our costs are multiples higher than a typical sneaker as we didn't skimp on quality anywhere and our unique functionality also adds to our cost.

New Styles and Sizes

Our men's Steel Onyx style is officially in stock and we shipped out almost all back-orders for it already (only extra wide 8.5 didn't ship out yet). It's available in both medium and extra wide and goes all the way up to size 15. Our men's Royal Navy style is expected to be in stock at the end of the month. We also started shipping out some of our women's Black Ember orders a bit earlier than expected, but expect to have them all shipped out and the product in-stock in early January. Our Blush style is also expected to begin shipping late this month.

We also added size 14 to almost every one of our men's sizes (except White and Obsidian Red).

We also plan on having Narrow Widths for our women's Rose Gray in stock later in February as many people have asked us for narrows. We hope to have at least one style in Narrow for men as well in the future, but right now just our women's Rose Gray will be available in Narrow as early as February.

The next style we expect to have in extra wide will be our Cosmic Black. No word on when we'll have it available, but we plan on making that style available in Cosmic Black in the near future.

As always you can reach us contact@zebashoes.com or by messaging us on our Facebook page. Thank you so much for your your continued support everyone!

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