We've Shipped Over 20,000 Zebas!

We've shipped over 20,000 Zeba Shoes and we continue to hear awesome feedback from all of our customers! Thank you so much to everyone for their continued support and thanks to everyone who shared their awesome stories with us about how much Zebas have helped them! It makes us so happy to hear that Zebas have been so helpful to so many people recovering from surgery or for those that have a tough time bending down.

We're opening our first physical store in Fair Lawn, New Jersey later this month!

We already signed a lease and will be opening the first Zeba branded store in Fair Lawn, New Jersey. We'll post the address both on our website and on our Facebook page as soon as we're open (estimated late this month). We know being available in physical locations is super important because shoes are something people like to try on before buying and from our experience, once someone tries Zebas on for the first time, they fall in love instantly! I can't wait to share pictures of our first physical store with everyone once we're open!!

Backorders should start coming back in stock soon!

We know a lot of our sizes/styles have been sold out and on backorder for some time, but we should start getting those back in stock soon.

Our women's Rose Gray style will soon have a narrow option (likely in April). We plan on having narrow available in at least 1 men's style in the future as well. As we announced before, our next style available in extra wide is going to be our Cosmic Black, but it'll take a while for it to be available (estimate: May or June)

We've also recently been featured on a video on Bob & Brad's Youtube Channel (The internet's most famous physical therapists with over 1.7M subscribers!)

 As always if you have any questions you can contact us through our contact page or on our Facebook page! Thank you everyone for your continued support!

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