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"I ordered the Black Ember and this has changed my life. I am disabled and have difficulty with bending and can't put my shoes on it would take forever and I struggle but with these shoes I c an easily get them on and take them off. I even bought 2 more pairs! They are comfortable and fabulous."

Gael Farrell

"II received my new sneakers last week and I'm amazed at how fantastic they are. The fit is perfect, putting them on is beyond easy, they're extremely comfortable to wear, the traction is fantastic in them, and by the way they look great and taking them off is just as simple. I used to be a distance runner. I have bad arthritis in my legs and in my knees and my ankles so these literally are a lifesaver. They're worth every penny they charge and I plan on getting myself two or three more pairs. I highly recommend them!"

Douglas Morosoff

"My husband has Parkinson's and he just received a pair today. It's just amazing how easy they are for him to put on compared to him struggling with a shoe horn. He still plays golf and now he wishes his golf shoes were like this. Thank you for making his life a little easier"

Deborah Birmingham

You're Going to Love Your Zebas

If you don't love your Zeba shoes or they don't fit right, you can send them back for a full refund or exchange within 30 days of receiving your shoes.

We've shipped over 40,000 pairs since launching in August, 2019 (after 5 years or product development!) and our customers LOVE their Zebas and we're confident you will too. See what our customers are saying.

Every one of our shoes include removable insoles and are excellent for everyday use including walking and even jogging. They're excellent for anyone who has difficulty bending down to put their shoes on and can help anyone regain their independence if they rely on others. Zeba Shoes are excellent for those with Parkinson's, MS, Arthritis, and those recovering from surgery. Zeba Shoes are designed for everyone, so even if you're just looking for a comfortable and convenient shoe, you're going to LOVE your Zebas.

Zebas fit snug, are supportive, and extremely comfy.

Never Struggle With Your Shoes Again

Patented 'Collapsible Shoe Heel' Technology

Zeba Shoes are designed to slip on easily and fit snugly. You only need to tie them ONCE to your liking, double knot to keep them tight, then you'll never need to bend down again!

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I am a certified Orthotist / Prosthetist and work with many different types of handicapped people. Amputees, stroke patients, and those with other neurological issues would definitely benefit from these shoes. Patients lose their independence by not being able to apply their brace, prosthesis, and finally their shoes. I have made very specific modifications to braces, but the shoe is always a problem. These shoes will solve many of those issues. I will definitely recommend these to my patients in the future.

Marshall Katz