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Zeba Shoes

Arctic White (Medium and Extra Wide 4E Available) (Sizes 7-16)

Arctic White (Medium and Extra Wide 4E Available) (Sizes 7-16)

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As a rule of thumb, Women's shoes should be upsized by half a size. Men's shoes should not be upsized at all. See our sizing guide for exact measurements.

Zeba Shoes Fast Shipping

Hands-free Zeba Sneakers in Arctic White.

Put your sneakers on without bending down! Just tie them once (double knot to keep them tight) and you'll never have to bend down again.

Whether you have trouble bending down or just want a supremely comfortable sneaker, we're confident you'll love your Zebas. We produced Zebas with the highest quality materials available and they're both comfortable and built to last. Zebas are designed for everyday use including walking and even jogging. All of our shoes are slip resistant as well.

Zebas are a PERFECT gift for anyone who has trouble bending down. No more struggling with your shoes. Zebas slip on easily and stay snug on your feet.

Our insoles are removable if you prefer to use your own, but we think you're going to love ours. They were designed for maximum comfort and walking on them feels heavenly. 

What's included in the purchase:

  • Zeba Sneakers
  • Extra shoe laces with slightly different style
  • Extremely comfortable socks!

We ship worldwide. The chart below should help those outside the U.S. order the correct size. For men's sizes we recommend ordering the same exact size you normally wear with other big U.S. brands for a good fit with us! For women's sizes, order half a size larger. This is a general rule of thumb, for exact measurements see our sizing guide below.

Zeba Shoes Men's Size Chart

Looking for a wide size? You can browse all of our men's extra wides here and our women's extra wides here.

If you don't love your Zeba shoes or they don't fit right, you can send them back for a full refund or exchange. We have a 30 day return policy that begins when you get your shoes.

We're confident you're going to love your Zebas. See what other customers are saying.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Q) When Will I get my Order?

Orders for in stock styles for our U.S. customers usually ship out the next business day through DHL and arrive in just 4-5 days. We'll send out a DHL tracking number to your email the day we ship your order out. We ship internationally as well, but orders outside the U.S. generally take much longer (2-3 weeks). Sizes/styles listed as 'Backorder' will get shipped out as soon as we get them back in stock.

Q) Do these feel like regular shoes / sneakers?

Yes! Zeba Shoes were designed to look and feel like any other sneaker. We've extensively tested them and they feel like a normal pair of sneakers, except with the added functionality of never having to bend down to put them on.

Q) Do they feel loose?

No. Zebas feel snug on your feet the same way any other sneakers would. While they can be taken off easily, it requires a conscious effort to take them off. They won't feel loose or come off while walking or running. They've been tested extensively and they really do feel nice and snug on your feet like a normal pair of sneakers!

Q) Come on. With the back folding down like that it must feel different!

Everyone who sees them thinks so at first, but once you put them on it feels like any other sneaker. In fact, we've engineered Zebas for maximum comfort. We think you'll find them much more comfortable than your old sneakers.

Q) Do I have to bend down and tie them? Why are there laces?

You only need to tie them once to your liking and that's it. Double knot to keep them nice and tight and you won't have to bend down again. You'll be able to put them on and take them off without bending down.

Q) Will these sneakers last? Will the back give out after repeated use?

The spring on the back is made with stainless steel and is designed for regular use every day. Zeba shoes were designed from the ground up for supreme comfort and durability. They should last as long as any other pair of quality sneakers.

Q) Are they Machine Washable?

We don't recommend you machine wash them as we didn't design them to be machine washable. Zebas can easily be cleaned with baby wipes.

Q) How much do they weigh?

Zebas weigh a bit more than traditional sneakers, but most customers won't notice the difference, but for those that need lighter shoes, it's important to know that they do weigh a bit more.

Q) Do you offer a warranty?

Yes. We offer a 30-day warranty from the day you receive your Zeba product for exchanges / refunds. We’re based in Las Vegas, Nevada, so returns can be sent to our location there!

Q) How is this possible? Why haven't the big shoe companies done this?

It's clear that other shoe companies are trying to solve this problem with self tying shoes and other approaches, but we think we've found the most elegant solution. This was a remarkable journey for us and we’ve gone through countless different iterations before finally settling on this particular mechanism. The beauty of this design is that Zeba shoes feel just like any other sneaker! We have a patent pending in the U.S. and have already been granted a patent in Europe on our innovative “Collapsible Shoe Heel” mechanism.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 220 reviews
Danny Horacek
Artic White 11 E

Ordered 3 shoes now! Better than Sketchers and much better shoes. Yes they are heavier, but you get what you pay for! I normally wear 10 1/2 but the heal pushes your foot forward which I found the 11 size was perfect. I do have high arches which I always replace the insole in all my shoes. Yes ,I’m buying extra one’s! I’m 250 lbs and hard on shoes and I wished they were water proof, but I have other shoes for that. Today I’m wearing the steel toe, got the 11D, perfect fit! Thanks Zebra



Laura Chisholm
Squeaky Shoes

I bought my husband a pair of these before, which he totally loved. So when he needed another pair of shoes, of course, I ordered Zeba's. In fact, I got him a black pair and a white pair and OMG you can hear him from a mile away. I hate that these are not what we got last time, especially at these prices. It's awful, they sound like a pair of cheaply made shoes. Unhappy customer!


very nice

Albert Iten
A Shoe Most Worthy of Praise

In the realm of footwear, a tale I shall weave,
Of Zeba shoes that make one believe,
Three pairs I've acquired, a treasure to own,
With great quality that has brightly shone.

Comfort, oh comfort, they effortlessly bring,
The most comfortable shoes that make my heart sing,
Like clouds on my feet, they gently embrace,
A heavenly bliss, a delightful embrace..

Zeba shoes, dear reader, I urge you to try,
For a delightful experience, you cannot deny,
A testament to comfort, style, and grace,
In every step taken, a smile on your face.

So take my advice, heed my decree,
Zeba shoes, the perfect choice for thee,
In this poetic review, my words remain true,
Zeba shoes, my friend, I recommend to you.